Unsuspecting homeowners are sometimes lured with promises of low-cost or even free installation of a security system, in return for signing a long-term contract for central station monitoring. All too often, by the time they discover any problems with the alarm or monitoring system, it's too late. Do you really want to trust the safety of your loved ones and the security of your home to the lowest bidder?

NexGen Technologies has been offering professional installation, maintenance of residential security systems to Western Canada area homeowners and businesses for over a decade. We carry two basic types of home security systems:

  • Hard-wired security systems, such as our DSC and Paradox, are most easily installed in new construction, where the wires can be run before the walls are closed in.
  • Wireless security systems, such as the Paradox and DSC, are usually recommended for existing homes, as they can be installed without running wires inside the walls.