Runco DLP Front Projector LS-3 and LS-5

Runco is thrilled to share the latest in the LS-3 and LS-5 sales arsenal with a glowing review from Widescreen Review. With pages of test results on everything from contrast ratio to the color accuracy done with CalMan SpectraCal equipment, WSR boasts:


 Runco DLP LS 3 LS 5 LS-3 LS-5

"Runco has hit it out of the park with this product. One could even worry that they may have cannibalized some high-end business with the extraordinary value proposition offered here. To those who thought the rarified air of high-quality front projection was filled with only products made from unaffordium, think again. To get visibly higher image quality than offered by the LS-5, be prepared to spend four to five times its retail price. Spot-on colorimetry, ruler flat gray scale, high-quality optics, and every "tweak" necessary for an ultimate calibration, and all for less than what we paid for a decent flat panel last year, yields a new high water mark for both performance and value ... ... it does seem like a
non-sequitur, doesn't it.” Terry Paulin, Widescreen Review.

Download the entire review PDF here.