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CalMAN V4.1 - Now Available for Download





Direct Display Control

Direct Display Control exposes all the picture controls of your display (or video processor) right on the CalMAN page where you would use them.  Setting brightness?  The brightness control is right on the page.  Sharpness?  Likewise.  On pages where Version 4.0 featured Interactive Charts that allowed CalMAN to adjust calibration values for you, CalMAN 4.1 adds Direct Display Controls to  allow you to follow up with your own tweaks. 

Tab Renaming

CalMAN Data Histories, displayed as tabs across the page, can now be renamed.

Patterns in Layouts

Now you can display video test patterns in a CalMAN layout. 

Utilities Included

The Database Converter, which updates a CalMAN 3 database to V4 format, is now included in the installer, as is the Levels Editor, which allows you to create custom grayscale run types.  Want an 11-point grayscale with the first three points left off?  The Levels Editor allows you to build it. 



Support has been added for the CalMAN X2 colorimeter (an enhanced version of the X-rite EyeOne Display2).

JETI 1211

JETI Specbos 1211 spectroradiometer support has been added.


The Gamma Scientific UDT-9400 non-contact tristimulus colorimeter is now supported.

Multiple SIP-based meters allowed

In Version 4.0, only one SIP-based colorimeter (such as an X-rite Chroma 5, for example) could be used at a time.  In Version 4.1, multiple SIP-based meters can be used simultaneously.

AVFoundry VideoForge

Version 4.1 adds the ability to display specialty patterns with the Video Forge. 

Photo Research PR-701

Using a Photo Research 701 no longer requires manually installing a DLL. 

Lumagen Radiance

Connecting to the Lumagen Radiance in CalMAN would reset the Radiance to 11 datapoints, even if the Radiance had previously been set to 21.  This issue has been resolved.

Infrared support added for DVDO video processors

The DVDO Duo, Edge, and VP series video processors can now be controlled remotely via the CalMAN Infrared Controller.
CEDIA 2010 - CalMAN v4 Awards

CEDIA 2010 - CalMAN v4 Awards